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Story added: 6th March 2023

Malachi's Story

Premier League Inspires student, Malachi is in year 8 and attends City of Norwich School (CNS).

Malachi has at times struggled with sticking to school guidelines. This included not following staff instructions, disturbing the learning of others and being disorganised, often forgetting equipment and homework.

However, Malachi’s teachers believed he could change his behaviours moving forward with the help of the PL Inspires programme and his response was instantaneous.

Malachi has enjoyed the PL Inspires programme since it arrived at CNS, stating:

“The workshop tasks are fun, they give us the opportunity to work with others and they are always interactive.”

Malachi also commented on the importance of the of PL Inspires programme.

“It gives us new opportunities and it’s cool that Norwich City’s Foundation come to schools like mine to teach us new skills.”

He continued to say:

“My favourite session has been the one on ‘understanding emotions’. It gave me the chance to understand how different scenarios and situations make us feel and how we can help manage the emotions we may feel, and it’s really helped me improve my communication skills too.”

The Inspires Officer, Aoife, stated:

“Malachi’s enthusiasm and engagement with the programme is refreshing. His positivity increased the rapport of other participants in the room, and he always gives 100% to every task set.

“Through the inspires programme Malachi has improved his communication skills and now feels more confident to work with other students outside of his social circle.”

When asked about Malachi’s progression, our Schools Programme Manager, Asa Saunders said:

“Malachi has really engaged with the PL Inspires programme, he brings an energy to the lessons and the group discussions.

“When Aoife delivers each lesson Malachi is enthusiastic to answer questions and develop his personal skills.”

Malachi continues to show clear progression and development within academic and personal perspectives, as is confirmed by his teacher, who stated Malachi and his peers’ attitudes and motivation towards learning has improved with PL Inspires.

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