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Course Prospectus

Tackle Learning

The Tackle Learning programme provides a physical activity and sport-themed approach to alternative provision in Key Stage 3 and 4.

Using sport as a delivery tool, Tackle Learning focuses on core life skills and behaviours for learning, such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

By combining positive role models and an engaging learning environment, the programme works over a 12-week initial period, transitioning back into the host school full time.

By following the 12-week programme up with three individual mentoring meetings, sustained change can be supported and the success of a full transition more likely.

First Half

For the first six weeks of the programme, pupils will attend the Tackle Learning Alternative Provision two days per week, learning about important life skills like team work and communication.

They will also spend time learning about setting themselves goals, which will be key in mutually agreeing some set targets that will be worked on over the first half of the programme.

To maintain the focus on educational attainment, literacy skills will be embedded through the delivery of our selected AQA Unit awards.

The delivery of most of the programme’s core qualifications and outcomes are achieved through a sports themed curriculum.

Second Half

In the second stage students are working towards reintegration and will move to a one day per week provision on a Wednesday for the following six weeks.

This eases the host school’s timetable disruption on core subjects and guarantees a limit of two consecutive days in a mainstream setting.

Focus then switches to higher order skills such as leadership, where pupils will be placed in a coaching environment and work towards leading a short session for a group of peers.

This helps to develop outward leadership skills and also provides an opportunity for them to be led as well, following instructions and modelling expected behaviours. This will then further support the transition back into the host school on a full time bases.

Extra Time

Finally to increase the potential for sustainable change, pupils will receive one-to-one mentoring on a one, three and six month basis within their host school setting.

"The foundation has a proven track record of engaging with the most challenging learners, and creating environments where regardless of personal challenges, young people can flourish."

Stevie Bramble

Director of Education & Programmes