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Story added: 6th November 2023

Onside Programme Stadium Tour

Last month saw our Onside group rewarded for their recent hard work and perseverance with a full stadium tour of Carrow Road.

The 2023 Onside cohort began their afternoon by learning about the positive effects they could have on the local environment, and the importance of keeping community areas clean and safe. The youngsters spent over an hour litter-picking the area around the football stadium and Carrow Park, taking careful time and consideration into making sure the gathered litter was sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable bins. The Onside group were also shown how they could be environmentally friendly at home too, and how their decisions could have a positive impact on the wider local community.

After the litter-picking, the team were joined by a tour-guide and were shown around Carrow Road, visiting the first team changing rooms, the dugouts and the trophy cabinet. The Onside group kept the tour-guide busy by asking plenty of questions – one young person was so excited with their visit they asked, “Can we do this every week?”

The afternoon of fun activities continued at Carrow Park, where our Onside participants got involved in an array of teamwork-based footballing activities, led by FA registered coaches. Our youngsters finished their football session with a small 5 vs 5 game, in which the teams were given the opportunity to display the sportsmanship and support for one another that they had learnt during the day; a task which they carried out perfectly.

To conclude their exciting and educational afternoon, the Onside team were taught the importance of nutrition and healthy eating, and made their very own smoothies. Despite a couple of the participants expressing their initial distaste for fruit, their stance was soon changed after the all-important taste test!

The parents of our Onside members were nothing but complimentary of their children’s day at Carrow Road.  Their children had come home reinvigorated and happy, having learnt important and valuable lessons as well as establishing new friendships.

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