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Story added: 2nd October 2023

Skye's Story

Premier League Inspires student Skye is twelve years old and attends a school near Lowestoft.

Skye is an excellent student who applies herself well at school but who, at times, has struggled with her confidence and self-esteem. Since joining the PL Inspires programme, Skye has participated in a series of exciting and engaging workshops that has helped her to find her feet and better her self-belief.

As part of the programme, Skye and a group of other girls from her school had to undergo a social-action plan (SAP) as part of the Premier League Inspires Challenge, on how to make Norwich City FC a more sustainable football club by improving the green space at Carrow Park.

Skye was incredibly excited about this as a prospect, stating:

“My favourite part of the programme was definitely completing the social action plan at Carrow Park. I really enjoyed planning in the sessions beforehand and creating our resources. I also love gardening, so it was right up my street – it was great to bring it to life.”

Skye also commented on the positive effect the PL Inspires programme has had on her confidence and how it has left her feeling more socially active.

“I am more confident and feel so much better in myself, I have more belief in myself to do things and I feel more confident speaking to others who are not necessarily in my social group. I have more friends as a result of taking part in this programme.”

Skye was also fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to discuss her social action plan, as part of the Inspires Challenge, at a celebration event at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Her newly improved confidence was evident as she sat down with sports journalist William Bitibiri for a chat about just what the project had done for her, and what she would be doing with her newfound knowledge and ideas.

“I’ll definitely be keeping it up, making sure I encourage others to be more eco-friendly.”

Skye has also been participating in football and other sports whilst part of the programme, saying her favourite event was the International Women’s Day event, which, put in her own words were:

“Amazing! I felt such an adrenaline rush playing football in the afternoon. I don’t play football outside of school so getting the chance to play for fun at the event after a morning of female empowerment was great.”

The Foundation’s Inspires Officer Aoife Linehan has worked closely with Skye over the past year and is over the moon with her progression, stating:

“It has been a pleasure to deliver the Inspires programme to Skye, her enthusiasm and engagement has been nothing short of brilliant throughout. The development in her confidence levels is refreshing to see and proves how important it is to give our young people these opportunities to step outside of their comfort zones.”

The Foundation’s Head of Schools, Asa Saunders, also commented on Skye’s progression and engagement on the programme.

“Skye’s journey on the Inspires programme has been exceptional, her confidence and communication skills have really developed since taking part in the Inspires Challenge.

To find out more about our Premier League Inspires programme, click here.

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