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Story added: 2nd April 2019

'Run For Me' is a legacy programme from our Run Norwich event

A new legacy programme from the Community Sports Foundation’s (CSF) Run Norwich 10km event has been launched.

The new community running group called ‘Run For Me’ will focus on supporting its participants’ mental health and wellbeing through free weekly coaching sessions.

One in four people in the UK experiences mental health problems, and many studies have shown that running is a great way of improving overall happiness, health and mental wellbeing.

The initiative aims to provide a friendly support group for its participants and to give them an outlet from day to day stresses, as well as being a way to stay physically healthy and fit.

The group will meet twice a week in Norwich for a 60-minute running session led by qualified running coaches. This will be followed by a social element, which will occasionally feature guest speakers and group therapy sessions. 

One of the sessions will take place at CSF’s The Nest site in Horsford, with the other session taking place at a different location each week. 

Dudley Garner, who will lead the coaching on the programme, said:

“Running has been proven to be a way for me personally to alleviate the symptoms of depression.  Combined with the exercise and wellbeing aspect of this programme, this initiative will hopefully help tackle some of the causes of depression and social isolation.

“Feedback from the first few taster sessions has been fantastic.  There’s a great group spirit, and they’ve bonded really well.”

CSF Chief Executive Ian Thornton said:

“When we originally launched Run Norwich back in 2015, one of our aim was to be able to launch a number of legacy programmes in future years that can help address issues within the local community. Run For Me is the first of those.”

If you’d like to find out more about Run For Me, please click here.