Story added: 29th November 2018

City's Ben Kensell joins participants to celebrate a decade of the progamme

Participants helped celebrate a landmark birthday for the Foundation’s Extra Time programme, this week.

The programme, which was founded in 2008 and engages men and women over the age of 55 through sport, recently passed the ten-year mark.

Canaries’ Chief Operating Officer Ben Kensell joined Foundation Chief Executive Ian Thornton and Extra-Timers at Carrow Park to toast the programme’s successes.

Foundation coach and programme coordinator Pete Brown showed guests a slideshow with photos from over the years, while participants enjoyed a slice of a ceremonial ’10’ shaped cake.

Pete Brown, who has run the programme since it began, was delighted to have reached the landmark date:

“It’s has been an amazing ten years working with such a committed group of individuals and seeing how their fitness and skill levels have increased through regular participation.

“The social sessions have provided lots of fun and entertainment, and many new friendships have been established. I really hope we can continue to attract new members to benefit from this in the years to come.”

The programme allows participants to explore a wide range of different sports such as football, badminton and netball, together with the opportunity to discuss key topics within the social sessions alongside special guest speakers.

To find out more about Extra Time, click here. New participants are welcome to enjoy a taster session for free. 

"For me this football club is about its people and that's what sets it apart. Groups like this (Extra Time) allow us to be embedded in the community and that's why the work of CSF is so important to us."

Ben Kensell

Chief Operating Officer, Norwich City FC

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