Story added: 23rd July 2018

Man V Fat player loses 5 stone in first season

Weighing almost 25 stone only four months ago, James Bondon felt insecure, physically out of shape and hated seeing himself in photos.

Though he had struggled with weight gain for a long time, James felt inspired to make a change when a friend introduced him to the Man V Fat Football programme, and has since lost 5 stone.

MvF james before and after

“It’s been a great way to lose weight and also play football again – something I never thought I would do.

“I was a little apprehensive at first but from the moment I went to the first meeting I could see that we were all in the same boat, just a bunch of guys wanting to have a laugh and shed some bulk in the process.”

The main element that has made the programme work for James is the way the weight loss and football are tied together.

Players weigh in every week, therefore the league is decided not just on the score on the pitch, but as a result of goal bonuses that teams earn from their weight loss.

“Knowing your weight loss or gain affects the result of the game made me feel the added incentive to lose weight, not just for me but for my team.

“What’s also good is the programme relies upon you finding your own method of losing weight. There is help and advice but in the end you have to find what works for your body. I like that because there is guidance but not dictation.

“All the guys have a great attitude; they’re friendly and supportive and the staff that run the programme are knowledgeable and helpful too.”

Exercise has now become a regular part of James’s life, he’s started making conscious choices about what he eats, and he’s now focused on his fitness goals.

“Gaining weight crept up on me overtime and I thought I couldn’t do anything. Doing Man V Fat has made me realise that I can.”

Find out more about the Foundation’s Man v Fat Football Programme here or contact [email protected]

"Gaining weight crept up on me overtime and I thought I couldn’t do anything. Doing Man V Fat has made me realise that I can."

James Bondon

Man V Fat player

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