Story added: 11th April 2018

Stay up to date with the ADP tour of the South Coast...

Our Girls’ Football Development Programme ADP U10-16s are on tour!

Keep up-to-date with all the latest on their three day tour of the South Coast with our very own dedicated feed…

Day One

09.00 : Have a safe trip, girls!

19.30 – Coach update

Excellent results for all the age groups. Players have now had their dinner and are preparing for their team meetings ahead of a busy day tomorrow.” Paige Shorten

First Fixtures complete!

Day Two

09.00: A busy day ahead…

1.00pm – Coach update

The girls have enjoyed morning beach activities. We are now on the way to Bournemouth Pier and enjoying karaoke on the bus.

“Safe to say Paige will not be taking on the challenge of X-Factor anytime soon!” Summer Moore.

(Poor Paige!)

21:00 – Quiz night! 

Day Three

09:00: Coach update

Girls had a good sleep last night and are currently en route to our tour of the Amex Stadium. 

“Girls are fully rested and looking forward to their second fixture against Brighton.” Sian Wager

(P.s. there are a few sleepy ones on the bus this morning…)

1.00pm – Ground tour of Brighton FC’s Stadium

21.00: Coach update

Tonight we sat down and had a carvery before heading out to play mini golf and are now having a competitive game of laser tag and crazy golf. 

“The girls have their last fixture of the tour tomorrow against Bournemouth and are really looking forward to it!” Ryan Fuller

Day Four

11.00 – Coach update

This morning the girls had their routine check up to make sure all rooms were left tidy in the hotel.

“All kick offs have started against Bournemouth for our last fixture of our Girls’ ADP tour before heading back to Norwich.” – Paige Shorten

13.00- Coach update

Well done to all of our Girls Academy squads that were unbeaten on tour! A great effort by all our players.

“We are no leaving Bournemouth and are en route back to Norwich.” – Paige Shorten


Thursday 12th April AM
Meet at Carrow Road, travel.
Thursday 12th April PM
Fixtures vs Portsmouth
Thursday 12th April PM
Arrival at hotel
Friday 13th April AM
Visit to Boscombe beach
Friday 13th April PM
Arrive at hotel - quizzes/downtime
Saturday 14th April AM
Ground tour of Amex Stadium
Saturday 14th April PM
Fixtures vs Brighton
Saturday 14th April PM
Laser tag & crazy golf
Sunday 15th April AM
Fixtures vs Bournemouth
Sunday 15th April PM
Depart Bournemouth
Sunday 15th April est 6pm
Arrival at Carrow Road