Offer help to those in isolation

Support for Over 55s from our Extra time team

During this potential period of isolation, we will provide remote interaction and ideas for activity for our Extra Time group for over 55s through our new app.

We would also be delighted if any of the updates on this page were passed on to older people who are not members of our group.

Check out the app

Check out the app

Our participant app for over 55s has two sections: Active Mind and Active Body.

Pete Brown, Extra Time coach and legendary quizzer, has provided ten ’10-minutes’ brainteasers and quizzes. Extra Time participant Brian, meanwhile, shows a few great exercises and games you can do at home.

Explore the app

Pete Brown (pictured) has also provided some initial activities including three brain teaser rounds and his weekly warm-up with our Extra Time group – see them below.

Teaser 1 – The Heist

Fill in the gaps in the story with the names of English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish cities and towns including London boroughs.

Pete says: “‘The Heist’ is particularly challenging so well done to anyone who can complete it.”

Teaser 2 – Foods from Around the World

Rearrange the letters to find 20 foods from around the world.

Teaser 3 – Leisure Activities

From the clues below find the names of 20 games, sports and outdoor pursuits.

Physical Activities – click here to view.

Pete says: “With regard to physical shape I recommend the 10 minute warm up that we do before our sessions each week as a good way of keeping the joints flexible and the muscles toned. That could be done several times a week and is good exercise in itself although you may want to follow it with a walk, a bike ride, a jog or circuits.”